In no particular order the Top 10 honorees are:
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Apollo MilkSystem from GEA Farm Technologies Inc.

The Apollo MilkSystem is a revolutionary milking unit that automatically applies post dip to the teat through the liner, and then sanitizes the cluster before it is attached to another cow. In addition to providing a better and more consistent application of the teat dip, it also helps to improve milk quality while at the same time reducing labor and increasing parlor throughput - the factors most critical to today's commercial dairy producers.

AX51 with Munters Drive from Munters Corporation.

The economical high performance AX 51 Aerotech fans with "air-foil" technology allow for customized ventilation based on the application and building requirements, which maximizes efficiency and performance with significant energy savings. The direct drive component eliminates costly maintenance items, with no bearings to grease, belts or pulleys to replace.

Breeding to Feeding from Genex Cooperative & Wulf Cattle.

With new genetic technologies readily available to dairies and feedlots searching for uniform, high-quality feeder cattle, the timing seemed perfect for Genex Cooperative and Wulf Cattle to partner in Breeding to Feeding. This program creates quality, efficient feeder calves from dairy cows and assures dairies will receive a premium for these calves. Genex representatives work with dairies to provide long term genetic consulting and develop a customized breeding strategy, while Wulf Cattle provides the genetics from Limousin and Limousin-cross sires, and facilitates the contracting of these calves to Wulf Cattle approved calf ranches at a guaranteed premium purchase price. Dairies can now create more profitable future replacements from top-end females while adding feedlot value to calves from lower-end cows, in addition to addressing the top priorities of conception and calving ease.

Dairy Care365 Training Series from Merck Animal Health.

The Dairy Care365 Training Series was developed by Merck Animal Health to train, equip and support dairy producers in their continuous efforts to provide the best care possible for their dairy animals. The ongoing series includes best-management practices for animal handling and movement, animal health diagnosis and treatment, and other topics related to animal care on dairy farms. The training courses are offered in English and Spanish and allow managers to identify specific areas for improvement and additional training needs, as well as identify opportunities to provide one-to-one mentoring if needed and offer positive reinforcement to the workers.

farmBolus from eCow Ltd.

The farmBolus represents a technology previously only available to research institutes, which is now available to farmers and vets for use in diet suitability studies to understand the early stages of sub-acute ruminal acidosis. Each farmBolus will provide 5 months of continuous pH and temperature monitoring per animal and data is recorded and stored on the bolus until it is obtained & evaluated through the antenna & tablet system.

Heatime HR-LD from SCR Dairy.

The SCR Heatime HR-LD System is the first solution that combines activity monitoring and rumination measurement from a single tag, in an integrated system with long-distance communication. This unique combination delivers unmatched accuracy, in both heat detection and cow health surveillance, as it continuously tracks and records, in real time, the reproductive, health, nutrition and well-being status of each and every collared cow. The Heatime HR-LD System can be set to send text and email alerts of each cow's health and heat status, at specific time intervals or as statuses change. This allows farmers to manage critical reproduction and health events from anywhere, at any time, via their mobile phone.

IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test from IDEXX.

The IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test is a new tool for accurately confirming pregnancy in dairy cows from 35 days postbreeding. Dairy producers now can get early, accurate identification of open cows by sending milk samples directly to their milk testing laboratory or by simply requesting the test for samples they already submit for milk-quality testing. The IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test is a laboratory-based test, validated for use on bovine milk samples. With 99% sensitivity and 97% specificity, it provides accuracy similar to that of palpation and ultrasound.

Igenity Dairy Heifer Program from Neogen Corporation.

Neogen's new Igenity Dairy Heifer Program offers the dairy cattle industry an unprecedented level of information on the genetic potential of replacement dairy heifers. The new genetic profile uses hair follicles to produce DNA test results that provide information on a heifer’s potential in key traits. Those traits are performance and health traits such as net merit, pregnancy rate, productive life in months and somatic cell score; and yield traits, such as the animal’s milk in fat pounds, fat percentage, protein pounds, and protein percentage; and numerous calving and type traits. The test can be performed soon after a calf is born, and is another tool in the decision-making process for breeding and heifer selection.

Immunity Plus from Semex.

Using a patented technology, Semex is now able to measure an animal's immune response and their ability to combat infection and disease. These animals are considered High Immune Responders, and Semex's HIR sires are known as Immunity Plus bulls. This sire line gives dairymen the opportunity to breed healthy cattle that are naturally disease resistant. By using Immunity Plus sires, dairymen can incrementally reduce the disease incidence in their herds with each generation, since immune response is highly heritable at 25%, making genetic gain much easier.

M I one Multi-Box Automatic Milking System from GEA Farm Technologies

The M I one sets itself apart from other milking robots because it utilizes one robotic application arm to service multiple milking boxes ”“ providing the highest capacity for the investment cost. It means that dairy producers only need to invest in one vacuum pump, one computer system and one washing system with their robot. The MIone also features revolutionary cow milking technology. A 3D camera simultaneously "sees" the teat cup and teat, for precise attachment. Once the teat cups are attached, teat cleaning, pre-dipping, drying, a milk quality check, stimulation, and milk harvest are executed in sequence - within the teat cup ”“ without reattaching the unit.

The People's Choice winner is the IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test. This inaugural award garnered well over 3,000 votes.

Winners were announced Tuesday, Oct. 1 at the Dairy Herd Management reception at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year.