Holstein springer prices dropped by several hundred dollars per head this month in Texas, but remained strong throughout the rest of the country. The most recent USDA NASS Agricultural Prices Report, released July 31, 2014, indicated strong demand and robust prices for dairy replacements nationwide. Replacement cow prices are the highest they have been in six years, posting a quarterly average of $1,970 per head. That nearly equals the July 2008 price of $1,990 per head, and is not far behind the all-time quarterly high for replacement cows of $2,020, set in October 2008. It stands to reason that close-up replacement heifer prices are following suit.


Springing Heifers

 Heifer Calves

Location (sale date)



90-120 pounds

Turlock, Calif. (8-1--14)




Stratford, Wis. (8-1-14)




Sulphur Springs, Texas (7-17-14)                          




New Holland, Pa. (7-30-14)