It’s safe to say that Jeff Weiner knows a thing or two about leadership. The LinkedIn exec was just named Glassdoor’s highest-rated CEO by his employees, nabbing a 100% approval rating (and ousting out last year’s winner, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who fell to tenth with a 93 percent approval rating).

Of course, pleasing people and leading them are often two very different things. But they both converge in one very important space: workplace culture. 

“The CEO is what helps spread the culture. He emphasizes culture,” an associate web developer at LinkedIn said of Weiner.

So what can dairy executives learn about establishing a positive workplace culture from a tech company CEO? More than one might think at first blush. Weiner himself has blogged about a number of lessons he’s learned over the years, and the great majority work as well in the barn as they do in the board room. 

Don't tell your employees what to do

Know the difference between being a leader and a manager. "When I was younger, I didn't understand the difference," he says. "For me, leadership is the ability to inspire others to achieve shared objectives." Need a quick self-assessment? "Managers tell people what to do. Leaders inspire them to do it," he notes.

Hire for values

Make sure you, as the leader, hire for and demonstrate the values you require your staff to possess. "We set about establishing very clearly what our values were. And far more important than that, we live them," Weiner says.

Encourage all employees to think like an owner

Employees must understand the business decisions they make are ones that have P&L implications. Weiner also is on record as saying he books a daily appointment with himself to simply walk around and think — proof that he understands the need to think like an owner, too.