Every time you treat an animal, it’s important to observe the instructions on the drug label, and to record that treatment.

Often the space on the bottle’s label does not allow room for critical information such as correct dosage and withdrawal information. Yet successful treatment and violative drug residue avoidance depend correct label observation.

Recognizing the need for easy access these important details, several entities have developed drug-information resources that are available via cell phone or tablet, including:

CVP Vet by the Compendium of Veterinary – CVP Vet is a highly comprehensive app that features more than 5,000 pharmaceutical, biological, feed medication and parasiticide product monographs. It is sponsored by Bayer and available here.

VetGRAM by the Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank (FARAD) –—VetGRAM is available as both a mobile-friendly site and an app that allows users to find information to assist food animal veterinarians and producers with reducing the risks of causing violative drug residues. VetGRAM is an up-to-date, informational resource for approved usesrestrictions and required withdrawal times (WDT) for drugs approved in food animal species. Users may search VetGRAM using one or more criteria, including drug name, approved species, administration route, disease and indication. The app also allows users to store VetGRAM’s databases on their phones, thereby providing full access to information, even in remote areas where there is limited or no connectivity to the Internet. Once on the database, users can view required drug withdrawal times and tolerance limits for all drugs that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in major food animal species. Access to VetGRAM is available here; the mobile app can be accessed in Android, IOS and Amazon/Kindle applications. Detailed use instructions are available here.

V-KNOW by Zoetis – V-KNOW provides fast and easy access to Zoetis product inserts, Material Data Safety Sheets and internal and external links to associations. You can access it here.

My VFD by Zoetis – In response to the new Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) requirements, Zoetis has developed the “My VFD” app for veterinarians to enter client information; ensure appropriate product indications based on animal health needs; access product information and combination clearances; quickly calculate drug levels per ton for the ration with a feed additive calculator; and easily access previously issued VFDs. The mobile application generates a PDF that can be emailed to clients and feed distributors. Further enhancing convenience and reducing unnecessary time and paperwork, the app saves the VFD in the veterinarian’s account, should it need to be reissued for the same client in the future. The app is available now for iOS (iPhone®) or Android™ phone operating systems.

National Dairy FARM Program: Farmers Assuring Responsible Management™ Milk and Dairy Beef Drug Residue Prevention Manual – The updated, 2017 edition of this resource recently was released. It is the primary educational tool for dairy farm managers throughout the country on the judicious and responsible use of antibiotics, including avoidance of drug residues in milk and meat. The manual is a quick resource to review those antibiotics approved for dairy animals and can also be used as an educational tool and resource for farm managers as they develop on-farm best management practices necessary to avoid milk and meat residues. Copies can be downloaded here.

All of the resources are available free of charge.