After submitting DNA samples for genomic testing, there comes the daunting task of understanding and utilizing the results. Genomic results are typically organized and sent out in an electronic file. Results are reported one to two months after the sample is submitted.  The spreadsheet will summarize all traits which are reported as Genomic Predicted Transmitting Abilities (GPTA). The report may also include separate sheets for net merit, core traits, type traits, composite indexes, reliability for all values, parentage information, definitions, and animals that were not reported.

In Heifer Management Blueprints: Understanding Genomic Results, UW-Extension Dairy Genetics Specialist Kent Weigel highlights the traits included in genomic testing and the definition of each trait.

For more information regarding genomics, please contact extension specialist Kent Weigel.  For more information regarding heifer management, please visit Dairy Calf & Heifer Management UW-Extension or contact extension specialist Matt Akins.