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Calf And Heifer

Read advice and tips on topics surrounding calf and heifer production.


Don't be cheap with your calves!

What does it cost to raise a calf to weaning? In 2012 the total rearing costs during the first 8 weeks of life averaged nearly $6.50/day. Of this amount, nearly $3.75 could be attributed to feed cost.


Calves with Sam: Protocol lapses happen

It is great when protocols actually work. Calf feeding equipment gets cleaned well using the prescribed steps every time.


Calves with Sam: Don't overheat the frozen colostrum

Yesterday I was on a dairy that feeds colostrum from bottles stored in a refrigerator. They have to warm each bottle before it can be fed. As I stood at the sink in the milk house I asked the calf care person to show me how she warms colostrum. She sat a plastic container in the sink and filled it with water.

Calf and Heifer

Calves with Sam: Are your bottles and pails food-grade clean?

On a farm visit just one week before we checked both the bottles used to store the colostrum and the esophageal tube feeder used to deliver the colostrum. We used a SystemSURE Plus luminometer that reports back in relative light units (RLU). These RLU's are highly correlated with standard plate counts from bacteria cultures.

Calf and Heifer

10 reasons why calf antibiotics fail

New York calf and heifer specialist Sam Leadley, PhD, provides a humorous, yet telling, account of how and why calf antibiotics may not produce desired outcomes.

Calf and Heifer

Heifer management website

Matt Akins, PhD with the University of Wisconsin has published a new heifer management website and resource center.


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