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Calf And Heifer

Read advice and tips on topics surrounding calf and heifer production.


Calves with Sam: Measure it, manage it

How well is the colostrum management program working? Hiding one's head in the sand and hoping for the best is one alternative. Or, actually monitoring passive transfer of immunity will give management numbers to use in making decisions.


Calves with Sam: Bleach is not a sanitation program

What is it about using bleach that we think it is magic? Just toss some calf feeding equipment into a sink that is full of a strong bleach solution - "Presto" - all the bacteria are gone? No, it is not going to happen.


Calves with Sam: Using a tube feeder, carefully

There are a number of reasons that we would use a tube feeder for a newborn calf. Regardless of the reason every time for every calf the feeder should be used properly.


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