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Calf And Heifer

Read advice and tips on topics surrounding calf and heifer production.

Calf and Heifer

Five apps to use with calves

Calf manager Shawn Miller shares five “apps” that he uses daily to streamline his management duties.

Calf and Heifer

Photoperiod may influence heifer performance

Researchers at the University of Kentucky review research that shows young heifers exposed to more hours of light were more feed-efficient; had increased lean-tissue growth; and produced more milk early in their first lactations.

Calf and Heifer

DCHA scholarship applications due soon

The Dairy Calf and Heifer Association (DCHA) is taking applications for a college scholarship, which will be presented at the association’s upcoming annual conference.

Calf and Heifer

Feeding more milk without scours

Increasing milk feeding volume in cold weather can result in higher scours incidence. New York calf and heifer specialist Sam Leadley discusses how to feed more milk successfully.


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