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Read advice and tips on dairy nutrition.


Harvesting winter annuals to maximize quality

As spring approaches, it is time to get ready to harvest winter annual forages. These forages can provide high quality forage for use in rations throughout the year when harvested in the correct stage of maturity and stored properly.


A fast start to full speed

Data shows appropriately sized animals bred at 10 to 12 months offer huge opportunities to cut your age to first breeding, while enhancing opportunities for growth and profitability.


How to improve alfalfa with easy five-year planning

Taking the long view of your farm operation can be challenging. Most people have to-do lists full of daily goals and priorities. But it is more rewarding to think about where you want your alfalfa enterprise


Too much, or too little - Managing feed refusals

To ensure constant feed availability and account for feed refusal or weigh back, you must deliver more feed to a pen of dairy cows than those cows will consume. Common recommendations in dairy circles indicate producers should expect 2 to 5 percent feed refusal or weigh back.

Calf and Heifer

Photoperiod may influence heifer performance

Researchers at the University of Kentucky review research that shows young heifers exposed to more hours of light were more feed-efficient; had increased lean-tissue growth; and produced more milk early in their first lactations.

Animal Health Center

Feeding more milk without scours

Increasing milk feeding volume in cold weather can result in higher scours incidence. New York calf and heifer specialist Sam Leadley discusses how to feed more milk successfully.


Miner Institute: Reduced-lignin alfalfa should have you asking questions

Farm magazines are buzzing with news about reduced lignin alfalfa varieties. Alforex Seeds is marketing two Hi-Gest® varieties for 2015 (one with a fall dormancy rating of 3 which is suitable for Northern regions) and Monsanto planning the sale of HarvXtra™, a glyphosate-resistant alfalfa, for 2016. Where does this new technology fit on your farm? That will depend on how you intend on using reduced lignin alfalfa, and also whether you seed a forage grass with alfalfa.


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