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Calves with Sam: Measure it, manage it

How well is the colostrum management program working? Hiding one's head in the sand and hoping for the best is one alternative. Or, actually monitoring passive transfer of immunity will give management numbers to use in making decisions.


17 questions to ask before you invest

One of the most important pieces of the milking system is the teat cup liner. It is the only part of the milking system that comes into direct contact with the teat of the cow. It also has a more profound effect on milking efficiency than any other component of the system. But with more than 300 different lines sold today – how do you pick one? All liners milk cows, but not all liners milk cows optimally.


If you use pasture, make a plan

There are six to seven months out of the year when pasture can figure into the feeding management strategy for all animal groups on Pennsylvania dairies. There are numerous benefits to the animal and producer who can incorporate pasture into the ration however there are also some challenges that go along with grazing.

Advice and Tips

Performance of replacement heifer calves following deworming

Internal parasites are estimated to cost the U.S. cattle industry over $2.5 billion annually. Parasite burdens have been reported to decrease animal appetite, feed efficiency, ADG and total gain performance. Parasites also have potential to negatively affect reproductive performance of cows and developing heifer calves due to their effect on gain performance.


Getting cows and heifers pregnant

Early on in my career, I was visiting with a friend of our family. This man was a large hog farmer and he made a statement that I have never forgotten: "If you are going to raise pigs, you have to have pigs."


Calves with Sam: Bleach is not a sanitation program

What is it about using bleach that we think it is magic? Just toss some calf feeding equipment into a sink that is full of a strong bleach solution - "Presto" - all the bacteria are gone? No, it is not going to happen.


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