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Study: More milk gets calves growing faster, but no differences as cows

A newly published study supports findings from previous research. Calves grew faster before weaning on higher rates of milk or milk replacer, but size differences disappeared after weaning and milk production in first lactation was not affected.


Cattle castration and dehorning pain management

Dehorning and castration of calves intended for beef production are common management practices performed in the U.S. A variety of methods are available to perform these procedures and each has both positive and negative benefits.


Penn State cost comparisons: Milk replacer vs. whole milk vs. waste milk

We recently evaluated the costs of feeding pasteurized milk to calves in comparison to other feeding systems considering current market conditions. To do so, we utilized a spreadsheet tool we developed a few years ago with colleagues at Virginia Tech. The results may surprise you.


Too much, or too little - Managing feed refusals

To ensure constant feed availability and account for feed refusal or weigh back, you must deliver more feed to a pen of dairy cows than those cows will consume. Common recommendations in dairy circles indicate producers should expect 2 to 5 percent feed refusal or weigh back.


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