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Education critical for effective cattle lameness management

When it comes to effectively managing lameness in dairy and beef cattle, there is no magic bullet. The cause is often complex, involving factors such as housing conditions, management practices, nutrition and the environment.

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Necropsy: Find value in death

An autopsy – generally called a necropsy for animals — is the examination of a body after death. Many dairy producers often do not realize a necropsy’s significant value, especially if the apparent cause of death seems quite certain. The cause of death may seem so likely there is no apparent value to perform an examination. However, there are often other underlying lesions or disease processes that can provide significant information – both for the individual animal and the overall herd.


Best practices for harvesting alfalfa

Growers and dairy producers require high-quality alfalfa forages, which makes timing of harvest critical. It’s important to determine forage quality in the field to optimize harvest timing, especially in the spring.


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