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Cornell Nutrition Conference Transition Cow Mini-Symposium presentations available

More than 200 dairy nutritionists and producers attended a transition cow mini-symposium prior to the Cornell Nutrition Conference. The agenda, sponsored by Balchem Animal Nutrition and Health, included in-depth discussions from four professors and industry specialists sharing their research and expertise in transition cow management.

Advice and Tips

Cold weather feeding: Start with accurate forage analysis

Colder weather requires means livestock need more energy to be able to withstand harsh winter conditions outdoors, and the best way forage producers can ensure they provide their animals adequate nutrients is to collect samples of forage and send it to a lab for testing.


Raising your best calf ever workshops in Iowa, Minn., S.D. & N.D.

Dairy producers are encouraged to attend one of the, one-day workshops, focused on Raising Your Best Calf Ever, hosted by the I-29 Dairy Outreach Consortium. The workshops will be held in South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and North Dakota beginning January 5, 2015.

Advice and Tips

Northwest: WSDA approves livestock industry protection rules

Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Director Bud Hover approved several rules designed to enhance the state’s ability to protect livestock, including adopting a fee to pay for an animal disease traceability system that will go into operation next year.

Hover approved five rules, but the key changes provide for funding of the animal disease traceability system and ensure a safety net that protects the entire industry. Specifically:


Wisconsin 2015 Crop Budget COP Calculator available online

The input costs for growing alfalfa, corn, soybeans, and wheat in Wisconsin are predicted to be mixed in 2015. Crop prices are forecasted to be lower. Fertilizer prices are mixed. Pesticide prices are expected to be slightly higher. Fuel prices should be lower. Seed prices are expected to be stable to lower, according to Ken Barnett, University of Wisconsin-Extension educator emeritus.

“When deciding how much of an input to apply, producers can maximize their investment in that input by considering its marginal rate of return,” said Barnett.


How to choose your next cover crop

Need some help making a decision on which clover you should use as a cover crop?


What is your largest phosphorus import?

Phosphorus balance is the amount of actual phosphorus imported into a farm contained in sources such as feed, fertilizer, animals, and bedding less the phosphorus contained in exported milk, animals, feed, and manure. If the imports of phosphorus remain higher than the exports of phosphorus for a period of time, the usual consequence is an elevated level of soil phosphorus in the fields.


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