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Harvesting winter annuals to maximize quality

As spring approaches, it is time to get ready to harvest winter annual forages. These forages can provide high quality forage for use in rations throughout the year when harvested in the correct stage of maturity and stored properly.


6 factors to establish great spring forage

With planting season approaching, farmers planning to grow forage should keep in mind six major considerations that could determine the success of their crop, a Purdue Extension specialist says.


Paying for someone else's pricing mistakes

Prices obtained, or "discovered," through active negotiations between buyers and sellers are considered to be the fairest for both parties, because they provide the highest selling price and the lowest buying price at any particular point in time. However, the negotiation process can require a substantial investment in time and effort. For this reason, many producers have abandoned negotiated prices and instead rely on other people's transactions to determine the price for a purchase or sale.


OSU workshop explores dairy herd reproduction and genomics

Dairy producers wanting to increase the profit potential of future herds could consider genomic testing to help identify genetically superior heifers that will offer the best return on investment, said an Ohio State University Extension veterinarian.


Video: Evaluating teat-end health

University of Wisconsin-Extension milking systems specialists Doug Reinemann and John Penry added a new video to UW Milk Quality’s “Evaluating Milking Performance” video series.


SHOTTLE Passes Away

RIP, 29HO12209 Picston SHOTTLE. The recently retired bull leaves behind an outstanding legacy producing 1,174,948 units.


A fast start to full speed

Data shows appropriately sized animals bred at 10 to 12 months offer huge opportunities to cut your age to first breeding, while enhancing opportunities for growth and profitability.


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