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Health: Augment high achievers

Employee management and support are the most likely factors – or bottlenecks – to achieving improved herd health on many dairy farms.


Create a Bunker Silo Safety List

With corn silage harvest already underway in parts of the country, New York’s OSHA Work Group offers the following Bunker Silo Safety List to ensure a safe harvest season:


Establishing corn silage value

Corn silage represents the base of many beef and dairy diets in the Midwest for a number of very good reasons. Properly harvested corn silage is an excellent forage resource that can be used in a number of feeding situations.


Alfalfa seeding year management

With today's modern varieties capable of yielding 6 to 7 tons per acre and alfalfa hay prices ranging from $195 to $295/ton, there is an incentive to develop management practices that not only improve seeding year management, but also optimize the total revenue stream.


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