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Calves with Sam: Putting some numbers behind "Doing better"

At a farm visit last week we talked about "doing better" with the calf enterprise. It was my first visit to the dairy. When calves die their number is written on a calendar. Unfortunately, they stay there and are not added up.


The times to remember during milking time

Just like that, summer has come to a close and fall is back on our door step. The end of summer marks the end of worrying about high somatic cell counts, right? Wrong!


Dorrich Dairy building a bigger toolbox

One of four 2015 national Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability Award winners, Minnesota’s Vold family strives to expand and share their knowledge base and management toolbox. Their latest innovations include a pest management program using stingless wasps, and corn silage planted in 15-inch rows to reduce herbicide needs.


Q & A: It’s time to document your SOPs

Whether you milk 50 cows or 5,000, all dairy producers should have documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) outlining animal care and handling practices.

Calf and Heifer

Colostrum: Health friend or foe?

Capturing the full value of colostrum takes a concerted effort, according to University of Minnesota researcher Sandra Godden.


Middle manager mistakes

As your business continues to grow, you’ll need to learn new skills, change work habits and rely on good people to do the work you used to do. You’ll need to hand off more responsibilities and hire middle managers you can trust to take care of your operations.


Legal: Understand your right to farm

Right to Farm statutes provide an affirmative defense in the event a farm is sued for nuisance. It does not prevent a lawsuit from being filed, but does allow a party to whom the statute applies to successfully seek its dismissal.


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