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Browse our wealth of news and information for advice and tips on topics ranging from reproduction to nutrition.


Use rumination data for better herd management

Animal monitoring systems tracking activity and rumination time are becoming a tool of choice to fine-tune management programs. The technology enables users to manage cows individually, in groups and at the herd level.


Antibiotic decisions: Right cow, right medicine, right time

Using your veterinarian to develop protocols, evaluate your drug list, review records and work with your treatment team will typically do three things: decrease the risk of a meat or milk residue, decrease drug expenses and improve treatment outcomes.


Feeding to breed

It is not necessarily true high-producing dairy herds can’t achieve good reproduction. University of Florida animal scientist José Santos discusses the “three levels” of dairy cow nutrition.


What about the rumen?

Proper rumen papillae growth and development tie to long-term milk production. The first six months of a calf’s life mark a critical period for rumen development.


Five feeding strategies for fertility

Sub-optimal fertility in dairy cattle is a complex, multi-factor problem that cannot be evaluated in isolation of other disorders.

Advice and Tips

Decreasing loss when using urea

Selecting the right nitrogen source when fertilizing pastures and hayfields has always been important in nitrogen use efficiency. For many years we have had the option of using either urea or ammonium nitrate as the nitrogen source in our fertilizers. A basic recommendation was to use urea in spring, but use ammonium nitrate in summer and early fall. Urea was usually cheaper, but more prone to nitrogen loss due to volatilization, which occurs in hot weather with limited rainfall.

Advice and Tips

Why use native warm-season grasses? Stockering and backgrounding

I have provided a number of tips and pointers on how to best establish and manage native grass forages over the past two years in this space. I want to switch gears and talk about why we might want to consider using native grasses in a forage program. Although there are many reasons to consider using native grasses, I want to focus on their role in a stockering and/or backgrounding program.


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