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Minnesota corn silage trial results available

These trials were conducted across southeastern, central, and west-central Minnesota to provide unbiased and replicated information on the performance of numerous silage hybrids for growers and their advisors.


Latest corn hybrid trials available from Upper Midwest universities

When selecting hybrids, it is best to choose hybrids that perform well over multiple locations in a region. Consistent performance over multiple locations with different soil and weather conditions is critical because we cannot predict next year's growing conditions. A hybrid that performs well over multiple growing conditions in one year has a high potential for performing well in the same region next year.

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Minnesota Milk’s Dairy Conference & Expo

“A Path Forward” is the theme of the 2014 Minnesota Milk’s Dairy Conference & Expo (formerly Midwest Dairy Expo), scheduled for December 2-4 at the River’s Edge in St. Cloud.

The event will feature a trade show, educational sessions, hospitality rooms and networking opportunities. Minnesota Milk’s Annual Business Meeting also will take place on Wednesday, December 3.

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Managing low colostrum yields

A significant drop in colostrum yield is a commonly reported challenge in the fall, according to Noah Litherland, dairy youngstock technical specialist with Vita Plus Corporation.

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When whole milk isn't enough

Nearly half of all dairy calves raised in the United States are fed a diet of whole milk in the pre-weaned stage. The source of this nutrition is primarily hospital waste milk, salable milk, or a combination of the two.

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Alternative protein sources in milk replacers evaluated

Less-expensive alternatives for milk proteins in calf milk replacer have long been sought. In many cases these proteins have been found to have lower nutritional value for the calf and a typical recommendation is that only products containing all-milk proteins be fed to calves less than three weeks of age.

Calf and Heifer

Rumen development in dairy calves

At birth, calves are essentially monogastric animals, according to Penn State University professor Jud Heinrichs. Their initial, liquid diets bypass the undeveloped reticulum and rumen, and flow directly into the omasum followed quickly by the abomasum.


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