Heat stress, and the various behavioral and physiological effects in lactating dairy cows, costs the US dairy industry upwards of $1 billion dollars annually in production losses.  Management changes to cows’ environments can help reduce the negative effects of heat stress, but mitigation strategies go well beyond cow comfort.

Nutritional and digestive stressors brought about during bouts of heat stress, or during other times of the year represent potential production losses, lost revenue and potential for decreased profitability.  Maintaining consistency in the rumen and post-ruminal digestive tract requires timely dietary adjustments and strong consideration of feed additives.

This webinar will examine closely the impact of heat stress in lactating dairy cows with a focus on environmental and nutritional interventions.  Beyond heat stress, participants will review other nutritional and digestive stressors that potentially compromise cow health and lactation performance with particular attention to a specific nutritional mitigation strategy.

Attendees will learn:
•    What heat stress encompasses
•    Environmental and nutritional factors that can mitigate heat stress in lactating dairy cows
•    Other nutritional and digestive stressors that dairy cows are exposed to
•    A novel mitigation strategy for nutritional and digestive stressors in lactating dairy cows