Meredith: Find your inner 'Googliness'

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Holy cow—was Google something. There’s a workplace that embraces its millennial employees. From free food 24/7, to on-site laundry facilities and doctors and dentists right there on “campus,” Google has certainly cracked the millennial code. They recognize that it’s not all about the bottom line with us Gen-Y-ers, instead it’s about work/life balance, associated “perks” and appreciation. They’ve discovered that if you provide your employees simple creature comforts, they are even more likely to work extra hours and go the extra mile without complaint. And they’re more likely to have better job satisfaction, which leads to better performance. While we can’t all offer... View Blog Post »

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Meredith: Profile of a Millennial: Google, The Magic Bus and Me

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A few weeks ago, my husband accompanied me on a work trip to California in an attempt to find a few days of vacation (that was an epic failure, but I digress…). My husband works in technology, and as a result of his connections, we were able to participate in a personal tour of Google’s campus in Silicon Valley. For those of you who have seen the Vince Vaughn movie, “The Internship,” there were many similarities—but it was completely surreal to be there in person. I would venture to guess that 99.9 percent of Google’s workforce is made up of Millennials—the... View Blog Post »

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Meredith: The good, the bad and Food Babe

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In my last blog post, I told you about Vani Hari, known in blogger circles as “Food Babe.” I told you about the panel discussion she monopolized at the recent BlogHer Conference and how she forms her very opinionated positions. When she described her crusade against Subway, the Food Babe indicated that it wasn’t just about the bread. “Oh no,” she said. “I wanted to turn the phrase ‘eat fresh’ on it’s head—if people are asking questions about the bread, then maybe they’ll start asking questions about the lettuce, and cheese and meat.” You might be thinking, what makes Food Babe... View Blog Post »

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Meredith: Food Babe? More like Food Bully

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Last week, I told you about my conversation (if you want to call it that) with the folks at the ASPCA booth during the 2014 BlogHer Food Conference in Florida. While ASPCA’s very presence was somewhat upsetting to me, what was more curious was an entire breakout session the following day about “Food Activism,” titled: How to Turn Food Ethics into Action. The panelists included Blog Designer, Internet Consultant, and October #Unprocessed founder Andrew Wilder; Food blogger and Sustainable Seafood Blog Project founder Jessie Johnson; Food allergy blogger and Food Allergy Bloggers Conference Founder Jenny Sprague; and last but certainly not... View Blog Post »

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Meredith: Isn’t all food 'just' food?

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A few weeks ago I recovered from our Stakeholders Summit in Miami, Florida at the BlogHer Food Conference. Last year, I attended the 2013 BlogHer Food Conference in “Stay Weird” Austin, Texas and had the best time—meeting foodie bloggers, talking about new recipes, perceptions about agriculture and a passion for the written word through blogging. Not that I didn’t have a great time this year in Miami, but BlogHer was a little different. I remember feeling anxious last year, not knowing what the different bloggers would think when they found out I represented the “big bad” agriculture industry—but my fears... View Blog Post »

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Meredith: My factory grandfather

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Last week my grandfather celebrated his birthday—and though I wasn’t able to celebrate with him in person, I thought of him often that day, as I do most days. I’ve been blessed with incredibly involved grandparents on both my mother’s and father’s side. They attended nearly every sporting event, school play, concert, birthday and all my graduations (high school, college and law school!). As a young child, when my parents would travel for business, Grandma Riri and “Bumpa” aka Grandpa Richard would have me stay up at their house in Marinette, Wisconsin, just across the water from Menominee, Michigan. I’ll always remember... View Blog Post »

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Meredith: Millennials, the “greener” generation?

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The millennial generation is concerned about “causes” and one of their favorites is having a sustainable environment. Last week, the Clinton Global Initiative, in conjunction with Microsoft, released the results of a poll aimed to identify millennials’ top priorities. The release of the poll results coincided with the Clinton Global Initiative University conference at Arizona State University, where students from across the country gathered to focus on global issues, including climate change, education and food security. According to the poll, millennials say they are more focused on the environment than their parents’ generation, 76% to 24%. More than 66% of millennials... View Blog Post »

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Meredith: Women in ag are "leaning in"

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I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, and in an effort to keep from climbing the walls of the airplanes that lack in-flight wifi (Yes, “Hi my name is Emily and I’m addicted to my email”), I’ve been reading some books that have been on my “must read” list for far too long. I dove headfirst into Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. Sandberg, formerly of Google and now the COO of Facebook, discusses the importance of women in the workforce and how more women must “lean in” and rise through the ranks of corporate... View Blog Post »

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Mitigating Millennial Mayhem

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You may have heard that 2014 was declared the “Year of the Family Farmer” by the United Nations. Well, if 2014 is the year of the family farmer, then it’s also the year of the Millennial--as will be 2015, and 2016 and likely 2020. Move over Baby Boomers, the Millennials are taking over. That shift will potentially change the food system as we know it--and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Millennials, or the generation born between 1982 and 2001, have had (and will continue to have) a profound effect on grocery markets, restaurant trends and food production as we... View Blog Post »

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When your cousin goes vegan

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I started noticing it six, or so, months ago: some particularly “veggie heavy” recipes in the annual family exchange, a few Pinterest posts tagging “Meatless Mondays.” It was a slow build, but soon enough my teenage cousin was visiting my family, sitting at my mother’s Sunday table and refusing bacon: “I’m a vegetarian.” “Excuse me, what?” It’s true, came the reply—she’s sworn off turkey on Thanksgiving, her beloved ham roll-ups, burgers, hot dogs, and of course, bacon. The only silver lining is that she’s still eating cheese (otherwise I don’t know if our home state of Wisconsin would ever forgive her!). My cousin... View Blog Post »

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