Update: The Original Muck Boot Company apologizes around noon on 8/5/14. Read more here in, "Sjostrom: An apology to The Original Muck Boot Company, and mankind."

We’re still waiting for an apology — and I don’t mean just dairy farmers. Hunters, fisherman, farmers, ranchers, and agriculturalists everywhere are heading to The Original Muck Boot Company’s Facebook page to share outrage that it donated over $2,000 for The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS, or H$U$ as many prefer). 

You’ve likely heard that HSUS gives less than one-half of one percent of its huge annual budget to shelters, and doesn’t operate a shelter itself. 

But, The Original Muck Boot Company must not know that, or you would never guess that by two photos posted on August 1. Both mention a fundraiser for HSUS.

Stuck with Muck

Here are the facts - I wore Muck Boots to the barn yesterday. They are camouflage even though I don’t hunt because they were the only size 14 available at a booth at World Dairy Expo 2013 (thanks to my wife for the timely find) and so comfortable. But, today, they just make me nauseous.

They’re the lightly insulated ones that I can wear year round. I’ve worn a hole through the back of the boot, and its time to make my next purchase.

According to the 350+ comments and 700+ shares seen on their Facebook page as of tonight, it appears I should be looking at LaCrosse Footwear. To the Muck Boot company, you have 7 days to help me make a decision.

Sjostrom: Muck Boot company wading with HSUS?

Take it easy

That being said, if you head over to their Facebook page to leave a comment, do play nice. While Humane Watch and other groups have been getting the word out about HSUS, recently resulting in a donor advisory by Charity Navigator after the huge $16 million settlement paid for a RICO lawsuit against Ringling Brothers, many corners of this world just don’t know. After all, that’s why they have such a huge budget — people are fooled into giving them money every day.

Muck's management may well be figuring out how to celebrate everyone they alienated with a few Facebook photos. Or, they may not know anything about the situation yet.

But for now, do tell The Original Muck Boot Company how you feel about this, politely. It appears to be an internal fundraiser in honor of a lost animal, and it raised a mere $2,000. While we could use that $2,000 for FFA, 4-H, or other agricultural youth programming, we don’t know whether it was a company-sponsored event or a few Muck employees getting together. So, I’ll take a deep breath and wait for the apology within the next seven days.

If there isn’t one, my boots will be using their "Free Returns" policy to the highest extent.