Ag Alliance Applauds 'Undercover' Bill

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Animal Agriculture Alliance says it is pleased to learn that Iowa State Representative Annette Sweeney has introduced H.F. 431, which "will help agriculture defend against activists who gain illicit employment on farms and in processing facilities in order to obtain undercover videos."

"We applaud Representative Sweeney's leadership on this important issue, and we encourage our members in Iowa to contact their representatives about H.F. 431," the alliance said in a statement. The bill has been referred to the House Agriculture Committee, and a companion will be introduced in the Iowa State Senate.

Read the full text.

The alliance also encourages stakeholders in other states to provide a copy of H.F. 431 to their legislators as a model. It is imperative that activists be held accountable for their actions to undermine farmers, ranchers and meat processors through use of videos depicting alleged mistreatment of animals for the purposes of gaining media attention and fundraising - all in an effort to drive their vegan agenda. 

Often these videos are held for months or weeks before being distributed directly to the media, without ever notifying the farm owners or managers about concerns. Many of them appear to have been severely edited or staged, and yet the activists involved receive no repercussions for having contributed to the alleged animal suffering. Many have even signed company animal handling agreements, but have refused to follow the policies outlined - because they were there for the video, not to truly improve animal care.

The alliance has worked continuously to protect farmers and ranchers from activists by providing security resources and training, and will host a new Farm Security Workshop on May 6, titled "Protecting Your Business from the Inside Out." The workshop will be held in conjunction with the Alliance's tenth annual Stakeholders Summit in Arlington, Va. 

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One With a Vegan Agenda    
Florida  |  March, 07, 2011 at 10:15 PM

Ahhh... So much to hide that you have to make video documentation illegal... Shameful. Fortunately, most people see right through that attempt to deceive and beguile. Won't you consider growing real food for humans rather than fattening animals for consumption?

Jim S.    
Hardin County, Iowa  |  March, 14, 2011 at 03:06 PM

This legislation comes as a breath of fresh air to me. Too long have the HSUS and PETA activists controlled animal agriculture legislation. Their extremist views and "abuse" videos have hurt agriculture time and time again, and it is time to put a stop to their Lies. HSUS has already started to ratchet up their opposition to this bill as it exposes their vulnerability through the ILLEGALLY obtained videos, editing, and choreographed scenes of alleged animal abuse. I would ask everyone to support this bill because not only does the legislation represent your lifestyle, it also protects animals from bio-terrorism and abuse from staged videos by activists. We farmers love and care for our animals, don't let any "one with vegan agendas" tell you different.


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