Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition introduces MEGAMINE-L® Rumen Bypass Lysine. MEGAMINE-L, developed, tested and researched for close to a decade, is the newest solution to an ongoing industry challenge to deliver a cost-effective, consistent bypass lysine source to maximize milking string performance.

Lysine cannot be synthesized in the body from other amino acids or precursors; cows must be supplemented with this nutrient through the diet. When optimal levels of key limiting amino acids are fed—7.5% lysine and 2.5% methionine as a percentage of metabolizable protein—milk and component production can increase even with lower dietary crude protein in many cases, resulting in greater income over feed cost for the dairy.

MEGAMINE-L provides:
• A consistent, cost-effective lysine source for improved performance and additional ration flexibility for alternate ingredients.
• A more effective lysine delivery and absorption in the small intestine for more precise amino acid balancing.
• A research-proven, consistent lysine source that meets cows’ amino acid needs is a technological advancement for the entire dairy industry.

To learn more about MEGAMINE-L and the benefits of delivering optimal amino acids in the ration, contact your nutritionist or Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition representative, or visit