Nov. 5, 2011

Bovine Vet Week-in-Review

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Drover Cattle Network

E. coli Webinar Nov. 8

register for a free Webinar discussion on E. coli on Nov. 8, at 10:30 a.m. Central time. The Webinar will cover current perspectives on cattle, produce and human health. “This Webinar will cover not only the beef side but also what’s current about human illness, what has been going on with produce and the controversial and not-so controversial pre-harvest and at-harvest control measures,” says Dale Moore, DVM, PhD, Washington State University.
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Dairy culling decisions (Video)

At the 2011 American Meat Institute Animal Care & Handling meeting in Kansas City, Dr. Kurt Vogel discusses reasons for dairy cattle culling and the role veterinarians can play in assisting producers in their decision-making.
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CVM antimicrobials in food animals report

FDA-CVM published its second annual report summarizing sales and distribution data of antimicrobial drugs approved for food-producing animals.
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A new way to vaccinate cattle

A new approach to vaccinating cattle could help farmers worldwide, research suggests. Scientists have developed a technique using a harmless parasite, which lives in cows but has no effect on their health, to carry medicines into the animals' bloodstream.
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40 Years of Science in Every Molecule

Zinpro Performance Minerals® are the most research-proven in the industry. Over four decades of published university trials confirm the superior performance and consistency of our products. That's why nutritionists, researchers, veterinarians, feed companies and producers have come to trust Zinpro to deliver performance. Learn more.

Drover Cattle Network

Food safety and raw milk

While the perceived nutritional and health benefits of raw milk consumption have not been scientifically substantiated, the health risks are clear.
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Antibiotic resistance in livestock (Video)

Dr. Mike Apley discusses the issues and highlights from last week's NIAA meeting on antibiotic resistance in livestock.
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Concern does not equal risk

The subject of antimicrobial resistance in food animals is a contentious one that involves both science and emotion.
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Welfare and modern veal production

Many consumers don’t know the difference between a dairy calf and a veal calf. On one hand, a veal calf is a dairy calf, but a dairy calf is not always a veal calf.
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Precondition to win

SelectVAC helps producers capture the premiums available for calves that are vaccinated, weaned, castrated, qualified for COOL (Country of Origin Labeling), age and source verified or certified natural. SelectVAC gives producers more flexibility to sell calves for additional premiums and potentially qualify for export verification. For more information, visit



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