November 2011

Bovine Vet

Bovine Vet

Read more about the topics discussed at the 2011 44th American Association of Bovine Practitioners annual meeting and the 3rd International Symposium on Mastitis.

Be a 'green' veterinarian by improving efficiency

It may come as a surprise to learn that a majority of milk’s “carbon footprint” occurs in one particular area — the milk-production stage.
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Practicing beyond the chute

Is your beef cattle practice poised to change with the times and the ever-changing beef industry?
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Key performance indicators

Benchmarks compare performance to some standard which can be used to indicate performance, profitability and if efforts to improve are effective.
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Scour Bos delivers what the competition can't

Talk about convenient. The Scour Bos® 16-week vaccination window gives you the flexibility to administer at preg-check with confidence, something ScourGuard® or Guardian® can only dream about. Scour Bos features a 3-way rotavirus and more antigens and E. coli isolates than any other scours vaccine. And it's one of the most economical choices out there. For powerful protection at preg-check, there's only one. Scour Bos.
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