Dec. 17, 2011

Bovine Vet Week-in-Review

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Week-in-Review takes the holidays off

Bovine Vet Week-in-Review takes a holiday break and will resume Jan. 7. Happy holidays! Have a joyous and safe holiday season from the Bovine Veterinarian staff.
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Kansas Farm Bureau honors Thomson

Dan Thomson, PhD, DVM, Kansas State University, has been honored with the Kansas Farm Bureau’s Distinguished Service Award. The Distinguished Service to Agriculture award is presented to individuals who exemplify leadership in agriculture, service to Farm Bureau families and community involvement. “My heroes are farmers, ranchers and veterinarians working every day to provide food for the world,” Thomson said. “It is an honor to serve the Kansas farmers and ranchers."
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New edition of Johne’s disease handbooks available

The recently updated handbooks, “Handbook for Veterinarians and Dairy Producers” and “How to do Risk Assessments and Develop Management Plans for Johne’s Disease,” are now available for dairy farmers and their veterinarians who are serious about addressing Johne’s disease and stopping the financial drain of this devastating disease.
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K-State Winter Ranch Management Seminar

A K-State Winter Ranch Management Seminar will be held on Tuesday, Jan., 2012, from 4 to 8:30 p.m. Locations for the event include Manhattan, Kan.; Ashland, Kan.; Osborne, Kan.; Highland, Kan.; and Russell, Kan. Local speakers at each location will address winter ration development using a computerized ration balancing program and diversifying ranch income with hunting leases.
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Drover Cattle Network

When is a trial valid?

Veterinarians are inundated with studies, research, trials and data, but how do you judge if a trial is valid?
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Antibiotic symposium white paper a good read

The NIAA has produced a white paper based off of its recent “Antibiotic Use in Food Animals: A Dialogue for a Common Purpose” symposium in Chicago. Some of the biggest take-home messages from the meeting that are within the white paper are common on‐farm practices that consumers should know about regarding food‐animal production.
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Explaining antibiotic use

Anne Burkholder has a way of explaining antibiotic use on her feedyard that is a comforting dose of common sense. Burkholder’s Dec. 13 column, “The Misunderstood,” revisits some questions she has had from readers and consumers about antibiotic use in animals.
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C. punctata has negative effects

In a webcast hosted by Bovine Veterinarian, parasitologist Lou Gasbarre, discussed parasite resistance and the emergence of some parasites in cattle. One of the parasites of concern that Gasbarre spoke about in the webcast sponsored by Merck Animal Health was Cooperia punctata.
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Newport Laboratories: Your Herd Health Solutions Partner

Newport Laboratories of Worthington, MN, is proud to offer specialized solutions to your clients' herd health problems. With industry-leading diagnostics and the ability to manufacture autogenous biologics, we can work with you to formulate unique solutions with a sound profit margin. Read more.



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