Nov. 28, 2011

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Raw milk especially dangerous to some

New research from Ynte Schukken, DVM, MS, PhD, Cornell University, is underscoring what many in the scientific community have been saying for a number of years — raw milk can be dangerous, and to certain individuals especially.
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John Maas honored by California Cattlemen

John Maas, DVM, a longtime California beef industry supporter, educator and researcher, was presented with the Gordon K. Van Vleck Award at the annual convention of the California Cattlemen’s Association and California CattleWomen Inc.
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New video tells dairy’s story

A new video, “U.S. Dairy Farmers Care,” tells the story of dairy farmers and their commitment to their animals, the environment, local communities and consumers. Merck Animal Health, a company committed to the success of dairy farmers, created the three-minute, animated video to help dairy farmers share their positive stories with non-agricultural audiences.
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Sending healthy calves to the feedyard

During a program and banquet celebrating the 40th anniversary of Decatur County Feed Yard in Oberlin, Kan., Cconsulting veterinarian Galen Weaver addressed a group of ranchers who retain ownership of their calves through the feedyard. He outlined multiple aspects of disease exposure and immunity affecting calves through the transition into the feedyard, including these take-home points.
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Precondition to win

SelectVAC helps producers capture the premiums available for calves that are vaccinated, weaned, castrated, qualified for COOL (Country of Origin Labeling), age and source verified or certified natural. SelectVAC gives producers more flexibility to sell calves for additional premiums and potentially qualify for export verification. For more information, visit


Drover Cattle Network

Production efficiencies should be lauded

The global population will increase by about 50 percent in 2050, from 7 billion people to 9.2 billion. According to the FAO, we will need 70 percent more food, but we will have less arable land person to produce it on.
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'Occupy' an activist meeting

Animal Ag Alliance staffer attends "End Factory Farming" conference to expose true agendas.
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Help beef producers control scours during calving season

Even though calving season is weeks away, this is the perfect time to talk to your clients about the basics of scours — everything from the preventive steps they can take now to tips for knowing when they should call you for help..
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Swine disease management sets a good example

Livestock production today is efficient and for the most part conducted under the best management available, including close relationships with veterinarians. At the National Institute for Animal Agriculture’s "Antibiotic Use in Food Animals: A Dialogue for a Common Purpose" conference in October, in Chicago, swine veterinarian Paul Ruen, DVM, Fairmont Veterinary Clinic, Fairmont, Minn., spoke about this relationship and the care that is taken with swine production.
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Newport Laboratories: Your Herd Health Solutions Partner

Newport Laboratories of Worthington, MN, is proud to offer specialized solutions to your clients' herd health problems. With industry-leading diagnostics and the ability to manufacture autogenous biologics, we can work with you to formulate unique solutions with a sound profit margin. Read more.




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