Comprima V 150 XC T and Comprima V 180 XC T round balers

Krone North America introduces the Comprima V 150 XC T (4’ x 39” – 59”) and Comprima V 180 XC T (4’ x 39” – 72”) round balers. The Comprima uses a set of Novogrip belts, which are made of various layers of fabric and rubber to provide strength and durability, in combination with metal slats. The EasyFlow pick-up eliminates the need for a cam track resulting in less wear and a 30% faster pick-up. The Comprima’s design achieves exceptional bale densities, higher throughputs, and smooth operation.

About Krone

Over the years, Krone North America has grown to be the largest single export market for Krone machinery and has grown to over 350 dealerships.



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