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Cow’s Match® ColdFront® and WarmFront® Seasonal Milk Replacers

Seasonal formulations of milk replacer address environmental stresses calves face during different times of the year and are leading the way in calf nutrition by bringing greater efficiency to the bottom line. Cow’s Match® ColdFront® and Cow’s Match® WarmFront® calf milk replacers are formulated to help your calves overcome seasonal challenges. Feed your calves to their full potential with seasonal milk replacers that keep the weather in mind. Visit us at

LAND O LAKES® Pasteurized Milk Balancer®

Even when feeding waste milk, LAND O LAKES® Pasteurized Milk Balancer® can help balance the nutrient and dry matter content of fed milk in a consistent, convenient and safe way. As part of an investment for the long-term potential profitability of a dairy operation, feeding a higher plane of nutrition via properly balanced pasteurized waste milk can help promote the health of calves, and allows producers to capitalize on calves’ rapid early growth potential. Find out for yourself at

LAND O LAKES® Colostrum Replacement®

Natural colostrum can vary greatly in quality and quantity, depending on the health and management of the birth dam. LAND O LAKES® Colostrum Replacement allows each calf to be fed an optimal quality and quantity of colostrum, every time. LAND O LAKES® Colostrum Replacement can be used to deliver consistent levels of essential disease fighting antibodies and immunoglobulins within the first hours of a calf’s life. Learn more at


"J-VAC®. Coliform mastitis doesn’t stand a chance. • Two-dose E. coli Coliform mastitis vaccine • Administer 2 mL per dose either IM or SC • The only Coliform mastitis vaccine approved for whole herd vaccinations • No milk withholding • Only 21-day meat withdrawal • Available in 10-dose, 50-dose and 125-dose bottles "


HEIFERSMART Dairy Program nutritional supplements and complete feeds are an extension of the Purina Animal Nutrition Full Potential feeding program. HEIFERSMART Dairy Program products allow producers to conveniently support optimal growth and performance to developing heifers as they reach breeding age and maintain this performance through transition into the lactating herd. Feeding a balanced ration can help avoid overfeeding and underfeeding heifers; proper nutrition may potentially reduce breeding challenges, calving difficulties and early lactation metabolic issues.


Eprinex® (eprinomectin) Pour-On • Kills 39 species and stages of internal and external parasites – more than any other product • Controls adult worms and 4th-stage larvae, lice, mange mites, grubs and horn flies • No milk withholding or meat withdrawal • For more information, visit IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: No meat or milk withdrawal is required when used according to label. Do not use in calves intended for veal or unapproved animal species as severe adverse reactions, including fatalities in dogs may result.


Gut health stability is critical for raising profitable calves. With more than 500 trials, Bio-Mos® is well researched, cost effective, and when added to your feed, supports gut health and integrity. Building a solid foundation for milk production and reproduction is critical, and at Alltech we know the importance of keeping your calves healthy. Hard work is what you do; it’s what we do that makes it more profitable. To learn more, call us today: 1-855-7ON-FARM.

Genesis® 50 Colostrum Supplement

Genesis® 50 provides 50 g of globulin protein and is fed in addition to maternal colostrum. The globulin protein in Genesis® 50 helps to ensure the calf receives enough high quality globulin protein in the critical hours after birth. Genesis® 50 is available in a Perfect Udder package - a clean, safe and easy method of feeding. Only three steps! Just add water to the fill line, shake for 30 seconds and screw on a tube or nipple to feed the calf.

Genesis® 150 Colostrum Replacer

Genesis® 150 provides 150 g of globulin protein and is fed instead of maternal colostrum, when colostrum is unavailable or is of questionable quality. Genesis® 150 should be fed as a calf's first feeding, within 2 hours of birth. Genesis® 150 is also available in a Perfect Udder package. The single dose packaging minimizes risk of contamination. Disposable feeding attachments reduce the risk of disease transfer between calves. You also mix inside the bag, so there's nothing to clean afterwards!

Genesis® Multi Colostrum Replacer and Supplement

Genesis® Multi can be fed as a supplement to or a replacer
of maternal colostrum. Genesis® Multi is available in a 13.2
lb pail and the cup needed to measure each application is
inside. You have the fl exibility to mix doses on an as needed
basis. You’ll be amazed at how easily Genesis® products
mix; each dose can be dissolved in about 30 seconds. You’ll
be able to feed colostrum faster, when it’s of greatest value
to the calf.


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