Celmanax® SCP

Celmanax® SCP (soluble concentrated powder) is 9X more concentrated than Celmanax Dry. Its ultra-concentrated preparation saves you money on shipping, storage, and handling. Simply add all-natural Celmanax SCP in your mixer, as a drench, or in your milk replacers. Its disease fighting, rumen-balancing, and production-enhancing benefits are delivered without a carrier and without GMO concerns. It is available in 1000 g containers, 55 lb. (25 kg) boxes, and totes.

About Vi-Cor

Vi-Cor is a world-class manufacturer of fermentation feed ingredients. Their products are shown to improve health and digestion in many different species including dairy, swine, beef, poultry, horses, and companion animals.



Email: Vi-COR@Vi-COR.com

Phone: 800-654-5617

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