QMI® Aseptic Sampling System

"Sampling, and subsequently testing of raw farm milk has traditionally been limited to individual cows or bulk tank samples.  With today’s larger herd sizes, there is a growing recognition of the value of sampling and evaluation of milk from groups of cows (i.e. line sampling).  Valuable management information can be obtained from these line samples to improve milk quality and herd health. The QMI® Aseptic Sampler can be installed on dairy pipelines or bulk tanks. The QMI® Composite Sampling Bag will assure the collection of an aseptic sample (sample without contamination).  In addition, the FDA and NCIMS have approved the QMI® Sampler to sample direct load farms. This method is recognized by many industry personnel as the preferred method for Direct Load Sampling.

About QMI

QMI, a Worldwide Leader in Aseptic Sampling, serves a variety of industries including dairy, pharmaceutical and many more.


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