Precision Dairy

Moisture Tracker™

Moisture Tracker™ is the latest technological advancement to DigiStar's feed management systems. With a few trigger pulls a user instantly knows the dry matter content of ration ingredients. Designed for use with silage, haylage, and other feedstuffs, this portable handheld sensor also saves the results to a USB stick. DigiStar provides today's farm manager with the broadest range of options to measure and manage feed rations from creation to consumption. DigiStar is the only full line North American manufacturer of load cells, feed mixers scale indicators, and software.

SCR Heatime® PRO System

Powerful, real-time cow monitoring solution for heat detection and health monitoring The SCR Heatime Pro System is a powerful, real-time, cow monitoring solution that enables maximum efficiency and flexibility in managing individual cow monitoring data. The PC-based system creates an advanced, centralized tool for heat detection and health monitoring.

Lely Astronaut A4 robotic milking system

The Astronaut A4 has been developed from a clear-cut starting point: the cow. The robot ensures the highest achievable milk quality while its unique management tools ensure you have full control over your herd. The unique robot arm and I-flow concept allow for quick entrance/quick exit from the box and are examples of how innovative strategies work to assure cows are milked within a low-threshold system. The Astronaut ensures the most reliable detection of mastitis available in today’s marketplace.

Lely Vector automatic feeding system

The Lely Vector ensures correct rations are fed to cows consistently and on time, allowing farmers to achieve efficient and high-grade milk production. Feed is automatically pushed up at the feed bunk and is measured to determine if more feed is needed for each individual feed group. The amount of feed distributed is automatically adjusted based on consumption at the group level. It is also possible to program precise rations for both large groups and groups as small as ten cows and monitor the feed program with a variety of reports.

Dairy Records Management System

The amount of data provided through use of precision dairying tools is amazing! However, it can also be overwhelming. Questions can arise quickly, including what to do with all of this data, how to interpret it and how long it will be stored. DRMS has a solution with PCDART herd management software. We are the interface people and a large part of our business is working with AMRs, robots and heat detection systems. Data flows seamlessly between the multiple systems.

AfiMilk MPC – Ultimate Milking Control solution

Pulsation Control offers advanced programs where rate and ratio adapted to milk flow. • Minimizing udder damages • Increases liners and pulsators longevity Precise milking = Smart automatic cluster removal. • Optimal automation avoiding over-milking. • Smooth slide of cups from teats.

AfiAct II

Operating wirelessly, AfiActII heat detection system significantly improves pregnancy rates, less open days, fertility performance and reduces operating costs; thus savings of $100-$150 per cow per lactation.

MIone Multi-Box Automatic Milking System

The MIone automatic milking system from GEA Farm Technologies utilizes one robotic application arm to service up to five milking boxes – providing the highest capacity for the investment cost. Wide entrance and exit gates create optimal cow comfort. A 3D camera simultaneously “sees” the teat cup and teat, and supplies the information to the application arm for precise unit attachment. Teat cups are only attached once and all milk harvesting steps are executed in sequence, saving time and preventing any system contamination.

CowScout™ Activity Monitoring System

The CowScout system from GEA Farm Technologies allows dairy producers to receive more accurate heat detection information via internet, smart phone or text messaging through electronic activity monitors. Now featuring eating time analysis, changes in eating behavior identify sick cows sooner, minimizing treatment costs and milk production drops. CowScout requires no complex software, installs easily within most housing systems, and utilizes UHF wireless signals not obstructed by manure or building components.


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