AfiMilk MPC – Ultimate Milking Control solution

Pulsation Control offers advanced programs where rate and ratio adapted to milk flow. • Minimizing udder damages • Increases liners and pulsators longevity Precise milking = Smart automatic cluster removal. • Optimal automation avoiding over-milking. • Smooth slide of cups from teats. • Optional per animal milking adjustments Derived Applications - assessing cow and parlor performance: • Production – follow-up • Health – early mastitis detection • Milking Efficiency – cow preparation and parlor operation evaluation • Monitoring wash – insufficient CIP temperature and detergent alerts • Preventing milk contamination - blocking start milking at Colostrum, Antibiotic, blood…..

About AfiMilk

Founded in 1977, AfiMilk is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing cutting edge computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and herd management. A pioneer in the field, afimilk introduced the world’s first electronic milk meter 25 years ago and since has continued to provide advanced solutions for the milking parlor having installed more than 1600 computerized management systems, 110,000 milk meters and over one million ID tags in more than 50 countries on five continents.


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