Dairy Records Management System

The amount of data provided through use of precision dairying tools is amazing! However, it can also be overwhelming. Questions can arise quickly, including what to do with all of this data, how to interpret it and how long it will be stored. DRMS has a solution with PCDART herd management software. We are the interface people and a large part of our business is working with AMRs, robots and heat detection systems. Data flows seamlessly between the multiple systems. Visit us at www.drms.org for more information or give our interface specialists a call at (919) 661-3120.

About Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS)

The Dairy Records Processing Center (DRPC) in Raleigh was established in 1957 to process Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) records for North Carolina and adjoining states in a cooperative effort. Mid-States DRPC in Ames, Iowa was established in 1958 and soon processed DHI records for many midwestern states. The two processing centers merged in November, 1996 to form Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS). We currently provide dairy management information and products to 20 DHIA's with herds in 45 states. Over 16,200 herds with more than 2.2 million cows are processed each month making DRMS the largest volume dairy processing center in the United States.



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