Lely Vector automatic feeding system

The Lely Vector ensures correct rations are fed to cows consistently and on time, allowing farmers to achieve efficient and high-grade milk production. Feed is automatically pushed up at the feed bunk and is measured to determine if more feed is needed for each individual feed group. The amount of feed distributed is automatically adjusted based on consumption at the group level. It is also possible to program precise rations for both large groups and groups as small as ten cows and monitor the feed program with a variety of reports. Feed is stored in the feed kitchen and, can be stored for approximately three-days. The kitchen is designed with flexibility to feed many types of forage, concentrates and minerals alike. The fully automated process enables farmers to define and adjust their feeding strategy resulting in improved animal health, improved feed efficiency and optimal milk production.

About Lely

Lely, founded in 1948, directs all its efforts towards creating a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable future in farming for its customers. Lely is the only company worldwide to supply the agricultural sector with a complete portfolio of products and services ranging from forage harvesting to automated feeding systems, barn cleaners and milking robots. Lely is also working on business concepts to ensure energy-neutral operations in the dairy sector. For many years Lely has been the undisputed market leader in the sales and service of automated milking systems. The company has a strong position in forage harvesting products, and with over 60 years of acquired knowledge of the agricultural cycle Lely has an unrivalled position.



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