Ag-Bag MX1012 Commercial Silage Bagger


"The Ag-Bag MX1012 Commercial Silage Bagger is an ideal engine driven
mid-size bagger, designed to serve the 150 to 750 head dairy operation. A powerful Cummins 333 bulge HP engine drives the Ag-Bag exclusive low profile rotor, ensuring a uniform bag pack and high quality feed storage. Featuring a conveniently designed interchangeable 10 and 12 foot tunnel, users will appreciate the MX1012’s ability to change tunnels without the use of tools. The newly designed bag boom and cradle is designed to lift bags into place and is also used to place the tunnels and tunnel extensions as well, without having to climb on the machine. The hydraulically retractable tunnel floor is designed to make cleaning the tunnel after bagging easier than ever. As a robust construction is a hallmark of Ag-Bag silage baggers, the MX1012 is certain to meet the needs of the most demanding bagging operations for many productive years. Ag-Bag, the First Name in Silage Quality."

About Ag-Bag

Ag-Bag for over 30 years has been a clear leader in the silage bagging industry.



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