California’s January 2015 Class 4a/4b milk prices were announced on Monday, Feb. 2.

• Class 4a: At $13.09/cwt., it's down $3.48 from December 2014, $9.04 below a year ago, and the lowest since March 2010. The Class 4a price has declined about 4% since peaking at $23.83/cwt. last August.

• Class 4b: At $13.75/cwt., it’s down $1.03 from December, $6.56 less than January 2014, and the lowest since May 2012. The Clas 4b price is down about 39% since peaking at $22.39/cwt. last October.

Comparable federal order Class III & IV milk prices will be announced Wednesday, Feb. 4.