A fourth grader named Sloan Finger recently entered the Tropicana Public Speaking Contest in Tallahassee, Fla., with a truly moving speech about a subject truly near and dear to his heart.

You see, Finger isn’t your average 10-year-old boy focused solely on Minecraft or “Star Wars.”  No, he has much bigger – and better – things on his mind: barbecue.

"People believe that by simply adding 'barbecue sauce' to the top of a meat, it makes it barbecue," Sloan lamented in his speech. "And even at my old school, they made sloppy joes and called them barbecue sandwiches. Unfortunately, some kids believed them."

Click here or watch the full video below:

According to local KSDK News, he won third place at the county-wide competition.  He may not have won the competition this time, but he won over the hearts of meat-eaters everywhere!