What is Dairy Herd Management?

Dairy Herd Management, the business leader, is a monthly business magazine written to advise commercial dairy producers. Dairy Herd Management’s editorial is written to an attitude, not to a particular size of dairy. The goal is to help owners, managers, employees and their consultants work together to improve nutrition, herd health, milk quality, genetics, reproductive performance and financial management in order to run a competitive, profitable dairy farm business.

What is Dairy Herd Management’s mission statement?

Dairy Herd Management’s mission is to provide information to progressive commercial dairy owners and managers that will help them operate more efficient and profitable dairy businesses that produce a higher quality food product, by helping them:

  • Better anticipate, identify, understand and respond to business threats and opportunities so their businesses may grow and thrive.
  • Develop and adopt modern business and management principles, skills and tools across every aspect of their dairy business.
  • Recognize consumers as the end-customer and that their tastes, preference and concerns will drive future dairy demand.
  • Recognize and respond to the role information technology and financial management play in the operation of a successful, modern dairy.

What type of information does Dairy Herd Management magazine contain?

The magazine, Dairy Herd Management, provides:

  • Bottom-line oriented production and management feature articles.
  • Short, information packed Profit Tips that range from on-farm ideas to the latest research.
  • Markets section that let’s you know what’s happening in the industry on the price front as well as information on where the markets are headed.
  • The magazine also features several award-winning columns -- Tools for Profit, Health and Tom Quaife’s editorial. Each is written by industry leading herd health, accounting, financial and employee management consultants.

How can I get Dairy Herd Management magazine?

Dairy Herd Management magazine is free to U.S. dairy producers. Click here to submit your request.

What type of information does the Dairy Herd Management Web site contain?

The Dairy Herd Management Web site contains:

  • An archive of stories from the magazine that is neatly organized in a searchable database.
  • Industry news.
  • Other features include a collection of dairy relevant links organized to help you find the information you need, market analysis from industry experts and a directory of advertisers for your use.

How often is Dairy Herd Management published?

Dairy Herd Management magazine is published at the first of each month by Vance Publishing Corporation.

Who is Vance Publishing?

Vance Publishing is a privately-owned trade publishing company.