The third edition of Party-Directed Mediation: Facilitating Dialogue between Individuals is now available online as free PDF download, according to Gregorio Billikopf, a farm advisor specializing in labor management with the University of California-Davis.

The book explains two mediation models in depth. The first model is used to deal with conflicts among peers, while the second addresses disputes between superiors and subordinates. 

Party-Directed Mediation is an effort to present practical, sound, research-based ideas hopefully leading to the improved management of deep-seated interpersonal conflict as well as multiethnic conflicts,” Billikopf says. “The concepts were originally developed through research in agriculture and agribusiness firms. The methods used require more time than traditional mediation, but are particularly well-suited to volunteer mediators, intercultural conflicts when issues of saving face are important and other conflicts in which emotional factors are high.”

For more information, visit Accompanying video and audio portions also are available for download. A hard copy of the book will be available for purchase later this year, Billikopf says.