Editor's note: The following item ran in the Dec. 30 edition of Dairy Exec newsletter, published by Dairy Herd Management.

Successful businesses are created by successful management. Companies need strong management to achieve the goals of their business operations and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Leadership is the vision from managers given to company employees. Managers must continuously communicate and transfer their leadership vision to others when creating a successful company.

Managers set goals for employees as a motivating factor when working in the business. Goals should be easy to understand, attainable and provide employees with a desire to help the company reach its larger goals.

Performance measures allow management to determine how well the company is achieving the stated goals. Measuring employee productivity, raw material costs and production time are a few critical measurements used by management to gauge performance.

Management must instill the value of personal responsibility in each employee. This creates a sense of importance for employees. When employees understand their responsibility to the company's success they will strive to meet management expectations.

How companies operate and achieve the leadership vision of management is critical for success. Reviewing and adjusting the goals and performance measures to maintain company success is an important function of management.

 Source: eHow Money