This is first in a series on how the dairy industry is embracing smartphone technology. We’ll include interesting apps, technology tips and more on how dairy owners are using smartphones to help manage their business. This month, we explore the use of language apps to help connect with employees.

While the best way to learn a language (in a dairy owner’s case, likely Spanish) is through immersion — spending time in the country or education in that language alone — it’s probably not practical or possible for you. And, you don’t necessarily need to be fluent in Spanish. Learning a few key phrases will help you communicate more effectively with your employees, show them you care and generally improve your relationships ... leading to a more engaged workforce.

Gregorio Billikopf from the University of California recently reviewed three language apps – AccelaStudy 2.0.1, Byki and Geno WordPower 3.1.1. He advises considering your priorities and learning style to help choose which app will be most helpful to you. Click on the above link to read his reviews on:

  • Pronunciation features
  • Vocabulary
  • Ability to customize vocabulary list
  • Ability to add or edit vocabulary
  • Brief expressions
  • Control over speed
  • Photo vs. word design
  • Testing process
  • Mechanics and ease of use
  • Search vocabulary
  • Words in context
  • No hands mode
  • Combining study lists
  • Cost