Your effectiveness as a leader is entirely based on your performance, according to Rhett Laubach, author and speaker on leadership and presentation skills.

“You and your team have to produce desired results, you need to cause change, your work should make your operation better," Laubach said. "And, you need to think differently about different things than everyone else."

He recommends following three strategies when thinking about your personal performance in order to cause positive change at your operation.

  • If you can’t be excellent at it, don’t be it at all. Your behavior influences the behavior of your management team and your crew, so you have a responsibility to put in the hard work to make the entire operation excellent.
  • If you aren’t failing, you aren’t pursuing excellence. You’ll make some mistakes, but if you aren’t learning from your failures, then you will never be excellent.
  • If you aren’t excellent today, there is a reason. As a successful dairy producer, you’re obviously doing a lot of things right. But not every day is an “excellent” day. Maybe something needs to change, improve or stop. Challenge and stretch yourself to find out what that something is.

Source: Rhett Laubach, author of Leaders in Gear