Editor's note: This item ran in the Jan. 31 edition of Dairy Exec, published by Dairy Herd Management.

Have you seen the new McDonald’s TV commercials yet? There are three, and each one features a different McDonald’s suppliers: a beef cattle producer, a lettuce grower and a potato farmer. I think they all represent the agriculture industry very well, and show that farmers do care about the products we produce — fact that many times gets lost among the clutter of popular media, anti-agriculture activists and generally misinformed consumers. I’m not sure McDonald’s can make a locally grown food movement connection, but that’s OK; it’s a term that’s becoming confusing (and has always been somewhat unrealistic) anyway.

If the campaign is successful and continues, maybe we’ll see a dairy producer featured!

While I do live on my family’s farmland, we’re a relatively small corn and soybean operation. And I’ll be honest, I’m not the one driving the tractor — I leave that to my father and brothers. However, I’ve been in ag communications for nearly 20 years, and everyone on my side of the industry is pretty darned excited that a corporation as big and respected as McDonalds did this. But what do you think? Take this month’s poll and let us know.

View the new McDonald's commercials: