Smartphones have made our email accessible to us every waking moment of our days (and some not-so-awake moments, as well). But ask yourself: Are you getting more done, or just doing more? If you’ve begun to feel like a wheel-bound hamster, try these Harvard Business Review-garnered tips:

  • Reply by phone. Quick calls can often prevent dozens of e-mails. A five-minute chat is often more efficient than crafting a message that adequately explains the situation.
  • Do not copy. If a message you're sending requires a recipient's attention, include that person in the “to” field; otherwise, leave them off entirely — and tell colleagues to do the same.
  • Put down the smartphone (yes, you). When you have a few minutes between meetings, don't respond to e-mail on your mobile's tiny keyboard. Wait until you're back at your desk or with your laptop or tablet. This way you can craft a better response in less time.