Leave it to the Swiss: ANEMON has developed sensors that allow dairy farmers to be alerted via text message when each cow is in heat. This animal estrus monitoring system is limited only by your operator’s mobile network coverage, the company says. The technology comprises an internal body temperature and separate animal activity sensors; together, these yield a tested heat detection rate of 90 percent and a conception rate of 95 percent, which produce an overall success rate of 85 percent, according to the marketing materials.

In addition to saving money on unsuccessful inseminations, a dairy farmer can improve his operation’s overall productivity as less time is spent observing the animals.

“With greater productivity there is a drop in reproductive activity,” Samuel Kohler, a veterinarian who is among the developers of the device and now serves on the board of the company that hopes to sell it, told The New York Times. “It happens fairly frequently that you miss the right moment.”

Estrus detection is just one among many applications for this technology, company officials say, though they offer no insight as to what it might be used for next.