There’s a new entrant into the feed sales brokerage arena: hopes to help livestock producers and feed manufacturers save time and reduce costs. This free service is designed to connect buyers and sellers of bulk feed ingredients quickly and easily, company officials say. The site is aimed at dairy, beef, swine and poultry producers as well as other bulk feed buyers. allows users to see prices and availability of more than 50 bulk feed ingredients such as fats and oils, animal proteins, grain byproducts and minerals. The company is hoping to snag a slice of the $200 million weekly futures and options bulk feed ingredients market by reducing the number of phone calls, emails and negotiations needed to complete transactions on the exchanges.

“This time-intensive trading is solved through technology with the free Feedpail online service,” says founder Ryan Cooney, who created

People involved in feeding livestock are considering a larger number of ingredient options today than ever before, Cooney notes. But more and more often, these same people are limited by their available time and network of known sellers.

“FeedPail solves that with instant access to a large network of available ingredients and easy-to-use functionality,” Cooney said.

In addition, he notes, since feed costs are the largest single component in raising livestock, he anticipates any efficiencies that can be had on sourcing ingredients will be welcome. Feedpail also streamlines the price discovery and purchasing process of buying and selling feed ingredients. Anyone who buys or sells bulk feed ingredients, or is involved in the feed industry, can use the site to stay current on bulk feed ingredient costs and make purchasing decisions, he says.

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