Tough food issues: Are we overreacting?

I had the privilege last summer to speak to a group from Georgia comprised of leaders in agriculture. After I was done with my little spiel, a very astute gentleman asked me pointedly, “Emily, don’t you just think we’re overreacting?” FULL STORY »

Milk production up only slightly in November

Compared to heftier growth percentages earlier this year, November’s is downright modest. FULL STORY »

Removing the obstacles: How to make cows happy

What are some common causes of stress we might see on a dairy farm that could make your cows unhappy and poor performers? FULL STORY »

Lack of innovation has hurt milk sales

Everyone knows that fluid milk consumption has been declining for years. A major reason: Lack of innovation among milk processors. FULL STORY »

This young farmer wants to be a positive spokesman for dairy

How can you tell what a dairy farmer looks or acts like if you’ve never met one? FULL STORY »

2013: A mixed bag

it was a good year for some dairy farmers, a not-so-good year for others -- a lot of it had to do with the weather. Overall, the year might be described as a "mixed bag.". FULL STORY »

From the grocery discard bin to dairy TMR

An effort is under way to gather discarded fruits and vegetables from the grocery aisle and re-purpose them into animal feed. FULL STORY »

9 (yummy) ways to eat Greek yogurt

Since the thick, creamy Greek yogurt is a nutrition superstar, why not get a little creative to incorporate more of it into your diet? FULL STORY »

3-point plan for the global dairy market

A transition is under way in getting products from dairy-surplus regions to dairy-deficit regions. FULL STORY »

Make your heifers productive citizens

It costs a lot to raise a replacement heifer these days. Here are some tips toward maximizing that investment. FULL STORY »

Something big is coming

About 35 people crowded into a tent at World Dairy Expo in early October to get an idea where milk prices may be heading. FULL STORY »

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