Bio-Vet Inc. has introduced its new Biostart microbial and vitamin paste. Biostart paste contains high levels of live, beneficial microbial strains, enzymes, vitamins and nutritional ingredients.

Biostart paste may be fed to beef and dairy cattle and calves, sheep, goats and horses. All ingredients may be considered for “certified organic” use.

Producers should consider Biostart paste to help animals in a number of critical situations:

  • Replace beneficial digestive organisms
  • Help overcome shipping or handling challenges
  • Feedlot cattle at receiving
  • Off feed animals
  • Animals in sick/hospital pens

Biostart microbial/vitamin paste features:

  • 11 species of lactic acid and enzyme producing bacterial strains and yeast
  • Over 30 billion Colony Forming Units of live microbials per 15 ml dose
  • Vitamins A, C, D3, E and seven B vitamins

Biostart paste is convenient and easy to use, with a universal tube design in 300 ml sizes for dosing with standard guns. It is also available in 80 ml “dial-a-dose” tubes. Recommended feeding rates are as follows:

  • Adult cattle (over 1,000 pounds) 15 ml
  • Growing cattle (400-1,000 pounds) 10 ml
  • Calves (under 400 pounds), Sheep and Goats 5 ml

Source: Bio-Vet Inc. news release