Dairy Herd Mangement articles:

Van Beek Natural Science introduces CalviRanch for newborn calves
Van Beek Natural Science has introduced CalviRanch, a feed supplement that protects newborn calves from stress induced scours with its unique mode of action. The right balance of pectin and charcoal help remove toxins while coating the intestinal wall, thus proactively working against gastrointestinal (GI) problems before they start. In addition, CalviRanch contains direct-fed microbials and enzymes, which promote digestive health. 

New heifer management program
Novartis Animal Health has introduced a new heifer management program called Healthy Heifer. Healthy Heifer is designed specifically to maximize the long term value of dairy replacement heifers through established health and management protocols. The program works to ensure heifers are well-prepared for a highly productive and profitable role on the dairy. Healthy Heifer is a veterinarian-verified management program that enables dairy heifers to reach their full genetic and reproductive potential by minimizing disease challenges. The program emphasizes prevention, rather than treatment, in order to reduce the risk of disease and other health setbacks that frequently inhibit heifer growth and reproductive performance. Healthy Heifer also focuses on proactively addressing environmental and management factors that have a direct effect on heifer development and performance.