Genex Cooperative, Inc., introduces the Calf Math tool.

The Calf Math tool is a new tool for determining the right mix of conventional and sexed semen to meet individual herd goals. The tool is a simple spreadsheet which allows a producer to test how different semen usage strategies will affect their herd before a semen purchase is made.

To utilize Calf Math, a producer enters herd specific data (number of cows, number of heifers, annual cull rate) as well as the annual growth goal for the herd. The growth goal can vary depending whether the producer plans to maintain herd size or expand. From this information, Calf Math calculates the number of heifers needed annually to achieve the herd growth goal.

Use the interactive, online version of Calf Math at to aid in making semen usage decisions today. For more information on Calf Math, see the January 2010 Genex dairy Horizons available on the Genex Web site, .


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