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Senate taps the brakes on cap and trade (Industry Pulse)
The going is getting tougher for the climate-change legislation, also known as cap-and-trade. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) recently said that the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee would not draft climate-change legislation until late September.

Chipotle activism veiled as marketing (Industry Pulse)
Food chain to promote “Food Inc.” movie. Meanwhile, company officials testify before Congress on antibiotics used in agriculture.

Don’t repeat digester mistakes (Industry Pulse)
Penn State University ag engineers say new digester projects act like those of old if you replicate the same mistakes. Here are some tips to avoid repeating pastmistakes.

Rave reviews (Human capital)
Here’s one thing you and your employees can agree on:   performance reviews are nearly universally despised. Here are several ways to make them more meaningful for everyone on your dairy.

Is your team really a team? (Human capital)
Just because you have employees does not mean you have a team. Most dairy farms have groups of people or collections of individuals. It takes much more to build a team.

OSHA as a partner? (Human capital)
Use their consultation services to assess your safetyrisk.

Get fired up! (Thinking like a CEO)
Don’t wrestle with “core competencies” during tough times. Focus on what gets you fired up about your business.

Do you need to worry about counterparty risk? (Thinking like a CEO)
Volatile markets mean you need to pay attention to whether the party on the other end of a contract will perform as expected.

Grant writing 101 (Thinking like a CEO)
Monies are available for value-added ag projects; you just have to know how to apply for it.

Ship more of the milk you make (Economic Indicators)
Sounds simple, but not all producers ship the most milk they could.

Cut bedding cost now, pay later (Economic Indicators)
Cost control is paramount, but be careful what you cut.

Covered in cover crops (Responsible Dairy Pillars)
Cover crops can help solve manure run-off issues, as well as reduce the amount of manure reaching tile-lines.

Union or bust? (Responsible Dairy Pillars)
You may think that a unionized dairy labor force is only a California problem. Unfortunately, dairies in every state are susceptible to a union.

Is your animal well-being audit certified? (Responsible Dairy Pillars)
The Professional Animal Auditors Certification Organization has created a three person review panel to evaluate dairy animal well-being programs to determine if they are consistent with the principles and guidelines of the National Dairy Animal Well-Being Initiative.

Food safety standards tightened (Responsible Dairy Pillars)
The government recently released new standards for food safety in an effort to reduce the effects of E.coli, salmonella and other food-borne pathogens.